At the Brenner Thermal Springs the following treatments
(We are accredited by the Aut. province Bozen) are available:

Thermal bath treatments:

The clinical studies and research carried out show that the water of the Brenner Sanct Zacharias Spring is particularly indicated for the treatment of skin conditions such as:

- Eczema
- Atopical dermatitis
- Seborrhoeic dermatitis
- Psoriasis


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Thermal drinking water cures:

Drinking the water from the Sanct Zacharias Spring is indicated in the primary
prevention of renal lithiasis (kidney stones) and arterial hypertension; compared
with other waters, its greater diuretic properties make it a useful support in the
treatment of urinary infections.

Thermal inhalation treatments:

The particular earthy, alkaline, bicarbonate composition of this water makes it particularly suitable for inhalation treatments.
Recent studies have demonstrated the mucolytic properties which make it particularly
effective for aerosol and inhalation treatment of conditions such as vasomotor rhinitis.
People affected with sinusitis, tracheitis and chronic bronchitis also benefit from
these inhalations.

Provincial authorization No 328/23.6 of 08.05.2002
Physician in charge: Dr. Giudiceandrea Alberto
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