Although well known in ancient times, the first
historical reference to the Brenner Thermal
Springs dates back to 1338.
Over the past centuries its beneficial properties
have been appreciated by members of the nobility
and illustrious characters such as Sigismund the
Archduke of Tyrol with his wife Eleanor of Scotland
in the year 1460, the great composers Richard
Strauss and Franz Lehar, the dramatist Ibsen
and many others.

Landslides gradually caused the springs to silt up and in 1606 the nobleman
Zacharias Geizkofler, a person of great importance in his time, had the springs
completely restored preventing any possible infiltration of cold water from outside.

As witness to these works of restoration an epigraph that has lasted through
the centuries is now in position above the drinking fountain that still bears the
name Sanct Zacharias.

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