Characteristics and curative qualities:

Although, like all other springs of water, the waters of the
Brenner Thermal Springs originate from rainwater, they
differ from ordinary springs because the depths from which
they rise confer on them particular characteristics that have
been recognized and appreciated for centuries.

In fact the waters rise up from depths of over 1000 metres
and during the course of their slow journey of infiltration
upwards through the rocks they are enriched by those
characteristics that render them exceptional; these
characteristics are:

- an almost constant temperature of ca. 22 C
- particular properties due to the rare balance of the
  principal constituents and elements such as calcium and
  magnesium, sodium and potassium, bicarbonate,
  sulphates, carbon dioxide and the presence of
  oligoelements and significant traces of elements such
  as bromide, iodine, lithium, all of which combine to give
  almost neutral pH values (pH 7.00)
- out of the ordinary bacteriological purity

For these reasons the Sanct Zacharias Spring at Brenner
Thermal Springs is officially recognized as hypothermal-
oligomineral - bicarbonate - sulphate - calcium -
magnesium water. As a result of research and clinical
studies by the Universities of Padua, Pisa and others, this
spring has been recognised and authorized by the Ministry
of Health for use in the following therapies:


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