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In recent times we have been rediscovering and
reassessing the beneficial effects of thermal treatments
to combat stress. They are not only effective in treating
disorders but also provide preventive therapy and relaxation.

More and more people are realizing that thermal treatments
constitute not just a natural means of treatment and
rehabilitation for various kinds of illnesses, but are also a
way of preventing them.
Just going to a spa can bring beneficial effects in a variety of
ways; but specific treatment is carried out through contact
with and/or absorption of the mineral water.

It is recognized that many of the elements of mineral water,
even if only traces of them are present, have both a specific
pharmacological action and act as catalysts of enzymatic reactions.

Lastly it is well to remember that thermal treatment makes it possible, especially in the case of some skin ailments, to suspend, or at least take a period of respite from, the administration of medicines.

Ailments that derive effective benefits from thermal treatments

Here below is a list indicating the reasons for prescription of thermal treatments by a general practitioner.

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